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10,000 acres preserved, despite GOP resistance

Wisconsin is blessed with a vibrant land trust movement, and Washington County is particularly blessed as the home to two of the best land trusts of the more than 40 in the state. That was highlighted Thursday when Tom Stolp … Read the rest

GOP aside, Bluff, Riverwalk projects in the end zone

With zero help from area Republicans, but major support from Gov. Tony Evers, two game-changing urban conservation projects, one in Ozaukee County and one in Washington County, are moving to successful outcomes. In both cases Democratic Gov. Evers remedied a … Read the rest

Why did JFC derail spectacular bluffs project?

It’s starting to look like the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee (JFC) of the legislature is the place where conservation projects of high value go to die. The JFC of 16 legislators (currently 12 Republicans and four Democrats) has the final … Read the rest

Upstream flood control pays off in Milwaukee watershed

This year’s heart-breaking floods in central Europe and big swaths of the United States point to how far-sighted conservationists have been in their work along the Milwaukee River and its three tributaries in Washington and Ozaukee Counties. For decades they … Read the rest

Trump Puts GOP on Green and Gold Track

About the time you think that our beleaguered country is so partisan that nothing positive can come out of our capital, along comes a major piece of environmental legislation that shows what is possible if our politicians will holster their … Read the rest