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Drug hyperinflation erases health cost savings

Despite the best efforts of all kinds of smart people to put a brake on health cost inflation, the pharmaceutical industry keeps putting its heavy foot on the gas pedal. Take Serigraph Inc, my organization, as an example. The managers … Read the rest

Want Wisconsin road money? Then self-insure

For the Republican legislators looking for $300 million in the 2017-2019 state budget for road building, there’s a ready solution. Gov. Walker, who repeatedly gets elected by holding the line on taxes, steadfastly refuses to raise gasoline taxes, and many … Read the rest

A GOP blue print (red print?) for U.S. health care

John Toussaint of Theda Care in Appleton Wisconsin

With both houses of Congress and the Oval Office in Republican hands come January, the GOP will have no excuse for not reforming the delivery of health care in America to their liking. Before they start down that road, though, … Read the rest

Missing in governor race: health cost budget buster

One of the major political footballs in this year’s campaign for Wisconsin governor is how many people should be on the state’s BadgerCare/Medicaid program. It is a legitimate issue, raised by the Obamacare offer of 100% coverage for three years … Read the rest

Revenue fairy gone for health care industry


Hospital corporations have five years – or less – to transform their business models. That was the recent consensus at a confab sponsored by the UW-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences of three of the four heads of major health care … Read the rest

Lean road to better cars, better health care

Remember a couple of decades when 75,000 miles on a car was time to trade it in. Now, it’s not unusual for an owner to drive a car for 200,000 miles. Cars just keep getting better and better. That positive … Read the rest

Much public union strife unnecessary

A horrendous misunderstanding about health benefits, prevalent across America, is contributing mightily to the bitter polarity in American politics. Republican leaders, like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and the mayor of San Diego, and the Democratic mayor of San Jose … Read the rest