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New silent sports complexes brighten Wisconsin brand

Fifty years ago this Saturday 35 intrepid cross-country skiers took off on wooden skis from the Lumberjack Bowl in Hayward WI to the Telemark Lodge in Cable. The American Birkebeiner is still is the longest cross-country race in North America … Read the rest

Walmart, Amazon may crack out-of-control health costs

Finally, the big dogs are stepping up into the fight to tame the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) and get health costs under some semblance of control. Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens and CVS, four powerhouse companies with great clout and reach in … Read the rest

Get ready for blizzard of political bull

Donald Trump

People in Wisconsin take winter blizzards in stride; seldom do they miss a day of work, even if on occasion it means hopping a snowmobile to get there. But they are about to face a blizzard of political bafflegab prior … Read the rest

A self-made billionaire vs. alleged billionaire

Has anyone changed his or her mind about how to vote in the 2020 presidential election because of the impeachment hearings? Here in Wisconsin, one of the few pivotal states that will determine if President Trump gets re-elected by the … Read the rest

A love letter to modest Wisconsin

If you have had an over-dose of distressing news and melodramatic, tit-for-tat politics, Steve Hannah has a remedy: his new book “Dairylandia” that is his “little love letter to Wisconsin.” Hannah wrote his book dedicated to something he calls “Wisconsinism’ … Read the rest

Some outsiders who could re-think UW System

If historical patterns hold up, it’s 90% certain that the University of Wisconsin Regents will take the safe and predictable route of hiring from the inside for the next president of the 13-college system. That’s been the case for the … Read the rest

Mosher sparked entrepreneur renaissance in Wisconsin

Rep. Rob Hutton (R-Elm Grove) has drafted a bold bill that would raise the investment tax credit for high-growth startup companies from 25% to 50%. It deserves to be called the “George Mosher” law. When I had lunch with George … Read the rest

Evers, Walker fuzzy, but different on taxes, spending

What started out as a lackluster campaign for governor heated up in the last month, driven by the closeness in the polls between Scott Walker and Tony Evers. Evers has campaigned as Democrats are wont to do: promise lots of … Read the rest

The full list of 100 reasons to vote NO on Trump

1. A major league narcissist, probably a sociopath, Trump believes he can “make us great.” It’s the contributions of individual Americans American people who make this country great. Leaders come and go. 2. Some contributors to this analysis go further, … Read the rest

Braun would make the same call again

Photo by Steve Paluch

Almost everything that can be said about Ryan Braun’s brazen cheating and massive mendacity has been said, except for one dimension: his 2011 (or earlier) decision to break the rules could be viewed as an entirely rational one. Ethics aside, … Read the rest