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More levers on out-of-control drug costs

Despite promises by leaders of both political parties, drug prices have been the nemesis of employer health plans, of taxpayer-supported plans in the public sector and of family budgets. Hard-won savings in other medical areas have been chewed up by … Read the rest

To cut costs, every health plan needs a Robin

One of the tools that begs to be injected into the messy, somewhat superficial national debate on the delivery of health care is that of a care navigator. Those are the professionals who help patients to make good decisions on … Read the rest

Trump and health cost transparency, real or fake?

President Trump probably really thinks that by snapping his fingers and putting out a Twitter message that he is going to cause hospitals and clinics come clean with their chaotic, lucrative and out-of-control price schedules. His intentions are noble. But … Read the rest

Trump misses boat on bundled health care prices

The Trump Administration has waded into the thicket of health care pricing. Unfortunately, his minions will be talking to all the wrong people on how to get transparency done. Instead of talking to the private sector companies that pay the … Read the rest

Trump makes run public health care prices

The Trump Administration has the right instincts in pushing for legislation to force the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) to come clean with its prices. But they need to do it right. And it won’t be an easy fight. The MIC … Read the rest

Amidst the chaos, health care reforms keep coming

U.S. citizens, patients, taxpayers, politicians – the whole lot of us seem to have gone numb in the face of never-ending jumps in the price of health care in America. The price of care has jumped to more than $27,000 … Read the rest

Major disruption seen in U.S. health care

Some of the best minds in Wisconsin on health care economics “summited” last week at Concordia University, armed with ideas for improving the delivery of care, but less than clear or optimistic about the way forward for disrupting a broken … Read the rest

At last, a silver bullet for health care costs

Bullet flying

Have we finally found a silver bullet for cutting through the fog of health care pricing? One of the best tools to come down the pike in the last few years for driving the U.S. health care industry to better … Read the rest

Hidden prices on health care should be illegal

Two major events, one in the private sector, one in the public, demonstrate that the health care industry is being dragged kicking and screaming into a new world where consumers can finally determine the prices and quality of care. The … Read the rest

Days numbered for middle men in health care

Health care insurance executives have their hands full as they deal with the implementation of Obamacare, but they face even bigger challenges from more fundamental reforms driven by payers in the private sector. They are dealing with what is often … Read the rest