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Packers move from tantrums to exemplary success

It’s anyone’s guess on how the young Packers team will end the year and the coming season. Are the Packers going to be 10-7, or are they going to be 7-10? An optimist about the Packers for 70 years, I’m … Read the rest

Rodgers could go out on high note

For better or worse, I spent a couple of decades in the world of public relations, dealing as a news editor with a half a foot of press releases every morning from people and organizations peddling their points of view … Read the rest

Packers — A Lot More than Football

The Green Bay Packers, which remain a unique business corporation in the country, is pulling in a level of revenues and profits to allow it stay competitive with billionaire, high-rollers in the National Football League. Its just-released financial statements showed … Read the rest

Make Rodgers a Vice President

This is not a column about the game of football on the field, even though Green Bay Packers have a shot at going to the Super Bowl. It’s been a good year. It’s a column about management of personnel. When … Read the rest

To make good, Rodgers should apologize, get a shot

Reams have been and will be written about the obfuscations of Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers on why he did not get vaccinated and his resulting infection and absence from Sunday’s loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. Obviously, his self-interest … Read the rest

Packers brass could have offered Rodgers a seat at the table

There is a cynical quip in business and financial matters that goes: “When they say it’s not about the money; it’s about the money.” That, however, doesn’t appear to be entirely the case in Green Bay in the deep-running rift … Read the rest