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Rigged election delusion dies without a whimper

Can you hear the deafening silence about election fraud following the 2022 midterm elections? The midterm elections, with Wisconsin as a point in case, cut both ways in victories for both parties. The same electorate put Democrat, Gov. Tony Evers, … Read the rest

“What If:” Evers, Michels far apart on issues

Let’s play “what if” either Tony Evers or Tim Michels prevails in the tightly contested race for Wisconsin governor two weeks away. Evers, the incumbent Democrat is running for a second four-year term on his record in his first term. … Read the rest

Monster issue invisible in Assembly race

There is a tip of a political iceberg showing in the 24th District Assembly race occurring in parts of Washington County. Nobody has paid much attention to it, but the iceberg is there. The hidden political mass has been surfaced … Read the rest

Will you vote for an election denier?

If you are having trouble figuring out whom to vote for in the highly contentious midterm elections coming up on Nov. 8, Liz Cheney has a litmus test that could clarify your thinking. The Wyoming congresswoman who is co-chairing the … Read the rest