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Rigged election delusion dies without a whimper

Can you hear the deafening silence about election fraud following the 2022 midterm elections? The midterm elections, with Wisconsin as a point in case, cut both ways in victories for both parties. The same electorate put Democrat, Gov. Tony Evers, … Read the rest

“What If:” Evers, Michels far apart on issues

Let’s play “what if” either Tony Evers or Tim Michels prevails in the tightly contested race for Wisconsin governor two weeks away. Evers, the incumbent Democrat is running for a second four-year term on his record in his first term. … Read the rest

Will you vote for an election denier?

If you are having trouble figuring out whom to vote for in the highly contentious midterm elections coming up on Nov. 8, Liz Cheney has a litmus test that could clarify your thinking. The Wyoming congresswoman who is co-chairing the … Read the rest

Republicans run for cover on abortion

Wisconsin politicians are scrambling to catch up to the massive change in public opinion on the issue of abortion. The most recent Marquette Law School Poll found 90% of people polled in the state now favor allowing women to have … Read the rest

Will Evers, Michels tackle strategic issues?

Issues took a back seat to party or tribal loyalty in the August 9 Wisconsin primary. Gov. Tony Evers ran uncontested on the Democratic ticket, so he didn’t need to run hard on his platforms. All three GOP candidates cozied … Read the rest

Watch Michels distance himself from Trump

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to watch as Tim Michels, the winner of the GOP primary for governor in Wisconsin, distances himself from one-term former president Donald Trump in the general election against incumbent Gov. Tony Evers. Michels won … Read the rest

Will Trump help or hurt Michels?

Is former president Trump who visited Wisconsin Friday a dead man walking if he won’t stop hyping a dead as-a-doornail issue that the 2020 election was stolen? He essentially came to Wisconsin, whose lifestyle is a long way from the … Read the rest

Why doesn’t Ramthun just drop out?

Here we go again with the embarrassment of Rep. Tim Ramthun and his run for governor. Initially, Ramthun ran almost solely on the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because of a “stolen election.” Trump, whose name … Read the rest

What if Trump made it to the Hill?

What if then President Donald Trump had bullied his secret service detail into taking him up to Capitol Hill to join and probably lead the assault on the American electoral process? What if he had jumped out of “The Beast,” … Read the rest

Time for the GOP to drop the election lies

The fall-out from the Roe vs Wade decision to ban abortions has over-shadowed the hearings on the Trump-led attempt to overthrow the 2020 presidential election and, in the fifth hearing, to undermine the integrity of the U.S. Department of Justice … Read the rest