More reasons to vote ‘NO’ on Trump

Since publishing a first set or reasons not to vote for Donald Trump last week, with a target of 100 reasons, I have received an out-pouring of additional reasons to add to the list.

There’s a lot of support for Trump out there, as the polls and primary elections and caucuses have demonstrated, but there may be a lot more opposition.

Here are additions that have surfaced that are not duplicative:

• Trump wrote 10 checks for campaigns for Hillary Clinton, whom he could be running against. If he was for her then, how can he justify opposition to her now?

• His hip-shooting style could trigger dangerous interactions with dictators in countries like North Korea and Iran, which have some nuclear capacities. It’s doubtful he could be diplomatic in foreign policy.

• He mocked a physically disabled person.

• His focus is on doing whatever it takes to win, not on doing the right thing. He lacks the ethics that most Americans subscribe to in their own lives.

• In a private meeting with high-level executives, he repeatedly used the F-bomb and voiced a high level of vindictiveness as he described his deals. My source described his presentation as vulgar. Further, over-use of the F-bomb points to a language deficiency.

This list is open to more reasons from any and all. Respond on this web site or e-mail me at

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