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Free UW chancellors to manage benefits

The faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM) has received no general raises over the last five years, so it has become a target for poaching. The campus has lost 40 faculty members recently to competing institutions. Crippled … Read the rest

Why U.S. spends 17% of GDP on health care

A comparison of health costs between Europe, Canada and the U.S. by Sue Davis, chair of the political science department at Denison University, Granville, Ohio, surfaced a major insight on why other countries spend far less on care as a … Read the rest

Unconditional political warfare in Wisconsin


You learn early on in physics courses that for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So it seems in politics in Wisconsin these days. Or from the arena of war and peace, we have learned that unconditional … Read the rest

Deflation ahead for health costs?

deflating American flag shaped hot air balloon

It looks like the innovations in health care delivery at Serigraph continue to produce results. The company is now running 35% below its peer group nationally. Costs for a full health care plan, including administration and drugs, came in at … Read the rest

Corporate primary care grows fast

Bellin Health, a large health care provider in Green Bay, WIsconsin, has become a major innovator in the delivery of convenient and cost effective primary care. It partnered five years ago with ShopKo, a Green Bay-based department store chain, to … Read the rest

Hospital admissions dropping

Stay healthy, Save millions! That’s the mantra of many large corporations as they move into aggressive prevention, wellness and chronic disease management programs, often through on-site clinics. But how do you measure success? At Serigraph, we decided to take a … Read the rest

Medicare bypasses value

            In a continuing search for bundled prices in health care, I stumbled into another one of those inexplicable pieces of public policy: Medicare doesn’t reimburse surgery centers for orthopedic procedures like knee replacements.             It reimburses hospitals at much higher rates, … Read the rest

Zen Zone cuts stress, health costs

Wellness has come this far:  Promega, a biotechnology tools company in Madison, WI, offers a Zen Zone.  This is a place where employees can go on its eco-centric campus to relieve stress through classes in yoga, meditation or reiku therapy.  … Read the rest

One way out of political warfare

The question arises often of late in Wisconsin: Is there a way out of the nasty polarization over union rights and benefits? The state’s politicians may be having a good old time hurling rhetorical thunder bolts at each other. They … Read the rest

Company docs cut admissions

Modern Med logo

Gene Miller, CEO of ModernMed, a young, national concierge doctor company, believes that proactive primary care can cut hospital admissions by 30%. That’s because primary care doctors who serve as the quarterbacks for their patients’ care deal with chronic diseases, … Read the rest