Whither health care after election? Who knows?

Pre-campaign, the biggest issue facing the 2020 candidates was the cost and coverage of health care in America. In normal times, the political campaigns of President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden would have clarified their game plans for … Read the rest

Green Bay Packers Foundation

As the 2020 season starts for the Green Bay Packers in an era of general chaos, it’s appropriate to step back and look at the big picture for the franchise. If you love how the Green Bay Packers have evolved … Read the rest

Losers & Suckers

How is a retired Marine supposed to react when a credible journalist reports that the Commander in Chief of the United States referred to a cemetery of fallen Marines as “losers?” The comment was part of President Trump’s rationale for … Read the rest

Range of badly needed, proven changes go begging

The outlaw protesters, whose aim is chaos, destruction and fear, are hurting the cause of the non-violent legitimate protesters who universally want “change.” Beyond the imperative to completely shut down the perpetrators of violence, my quandary with legitimate marchers and … Read the rest

Tommy will be more than ‘interim’ at UW

What can we expect from Tommy Thompson as the interim president of the University of Wisconsin System? First off, the term “interim” implies a year or so. But it doesn’t seem accurate in describing Thompson’s appointment. He’s there for a … Read the rest

Support for survival management at UWM

If ever there were a time for the big hitters in the Milwaukee area to rally behind UW – Milwaukee and the other UW campuses in Southeastern Wisconsin this is it. ...… Read the rest

Virus business damages bury Sanders concepts

A couple of months back the smartest people in the country had no idea about the depth or length of the Coronavirus epidemic, nor about the recovery from crisis. They are still mostly uncertain about the medical and economic outcomes, … Read the rest

Arts District forms around new masterpiece

In the eyes of the artisans and craftsmen working to restore the Historic West Bend Theatre, rechristened as “The Bend,” it has become a masterpiece. The painters, carpenters, electricians, masons, plumbers, carpet layers and sound experts re-creating the theatre to … Read the rest

Fast-growing Bozeman raises bar for planning

BOZEMAN, MT – This boomtown that sits prettily in the Gallatin Valley surrounded by six mountain ranges is finishing its sixth update of its comprehensive community plan since it started serious planning in 1958. Bozeman was about the size of … Read the rest

Cross exit opens door for UW transformation

Ray Cross is retiring after tough five years at the helm of the sprawling University of Wisconsin System (UWS). He had to contend with major challenges that were working against happy times in the president’s office, including: • Declining numbers … Read the rest