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Wisconsin 4th highest for health costs; Rand, Indiana lead reforms

For decades, self-ensured employers have been fighting -- mainly by themselves -- to put the brakes on out-of-control health costs. But finally, believe it or not, help is on the way from the federal government. A new federal law requires … Read the rest

Walmart, Amazon may crack out-of-control health costs

Finally, the big dogs are stepping up into the fight to tame the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) and get health costs under some semblance of control. Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens and CVS, four powerhouse companies with great clout and reach in … Read the rest

More levers on out-of-control drug costs

Despite promises by leaders of both political parties, drug prices have been the nemesis of employer health plans, of taxpayer-supported plans in the public sector and of family budgets. Hard-won savings in other medical areas have been chewed up by … Read the rest

To cut costs, every health plan needs a Robin

One of the tools that begs to be injected into the messy, somewhat superficial national debate on the delivery of health care is that of a care navigator. Those are the professionals who help patients to make good decisions on … Read the rest

Two-year UW colleges in jeopardy

Sadly, enrollments at the 13 former UW two-year colleges have been in free-fall since their recent merger with seven four-year UW universities. Prior to the consolidations, the associate degree campuses provided nearby education to 9700 students looking to get their … Read the rest

Trump and health cost transparency, real or fake?

President Trump probably really thinks that by snapping his fingers and putting out a Twitter message that he is going to cause hospitals and clinics come clean with their chaotic, lucrative and out-of-control price schedules. His intentions are noble. But … Read the rest

Trump misses boat on bundled health care prices

The Trump Administration has waded into the thicket of health care pricing. Unfortunately, his minions will be talking to all the wrong people on how to get transparency done. Instead of talking to the private sector companies that pay the … Read the rest

Trump makes run public health care prices

The Trump Administration has the right instincts in pushing for legislation to force the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) to come clean with its prices. But they need to do it right. And it won’t be an easy fight. The MIC … Read the rest

Ala carte medical pricing coming to an end

The very lucrative Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) will fight long and hard against fixed, transparent prices for standard elective procedures. That is especially true in the highly priced, highly consolidated Milwaukee market. Why wouldn’t they? If I were running a … Read the rest

Amidst the chaos, health care reforms keep coming

U.S. citizens, patients, taxpayers, politicians – the whole lot of us seem to have gone numb in the face of never-ending jumps in the price of health care in America. The price of care has jumped to more than $27,000 … Read the rest